Our biking rallies are a fresh and sporty way to get to know and enjoy the charming landscapes around Sluis, Damme or the Houtland region.

Take part in an authentic smuggling activity in Sluis. Learn all about local hero Thyl Ulenspiegel and his adventures in romantic Damme while cycling through the countryside. Or go back in time and find out about myths, legends and other historical tales about the castles in the Houtland region. Or do you prefer the region around Ghent or the countryside around Mechelen, Jodoigne, etc.?

All your skills will be tested along the way through different fun and entertaining activities.


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Bike rally

Bruges - Damme

Bike rally Bruges

"In the Tracks of the Castle Lords"

Bike rally

in and around Ghent

Bike rally


Bike rally Ypres

"In the traces of the Great War"

Bike rally

in and around Mechelen

Bike rally Sluis

"Operation Smuggling"

Bike rally

in and around Jodoigne​​​​​​​