Escape from Lockdown+



Escape from Lockdown

In these difficult times of closure, quarantine, etc., it is not easy to maintain good morale among employees. Everybody misses the daily contact with colleagues. The social aspect of this period should not be underestimated. 

Perfect+ launches a virtual version of its EscapeGame 

This game is rightly called: "Escape from Lockdown". An hour of fun with your colleagues, ... from home. A team game. Log in to the application, do a short briefing and team allocation, then get to work. No technical limitations (android or iOs or even on the desktop/laptop). 

Crack safes, solve mysteries, crack codes, decipher puzzles, and much more. Just stay calm and crack the codes in the time allotted, that's all we ask - or is it? The team members are in contact with each other via the Zoom application and mutual communication will soon prove crucial. 

It's the ideal way to get their heads together for a while, regain motivation and sharpen social contact. Don't hesitate to call it virtual and digital "teambuilding".