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Looking for a unique interactive experience with your team, colleagues, family...? Stop looking. Our brand new EscapeGame is an extraordinary combination of tension, fun, consultation, teamwork, surprises, etc. 

The teams are armed with an iPad with on that an interactive map of the city and a briefcase filled with materials. Goal: cracking the vaults and escape as fast as possible with the loot. Cryptic codes and brainteasers will be your part. 

Keeping calm and deciphering the vaults within the set time is the only option. If you don't achieve this goal, then there is only 1 option: escaping as soon as possible, otherwise the consequences are huge. A "one of a kind" concept full of tension, teamwork, dialog and naturally tons of fun. 

This teambuildign format also exists in a digital/virtual version : Escape from Lockdown. More info here

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