Online teambuilding+


Online (remote) team building

In these difficult times of lockdowns, quarantine, etc. it is not evident to keep up the morale of your staff.  Everyone misses daily interaction with the colleagues. The social aspect of this period should not be underestimated. This is why Perfect+ launches a set of online, virtual and remote team building programs to grow the team spirit and boost morale!





Enjoy a moment of spontaneous fun with your colleagues … at home, while playing an enjoyable team game. Log in to the app, get briefed, decide on your teams, and you are ready to go. There are no technical  limitations (Android or iOs). This is digital, remote or virtual team building at its best. 


You can break open safes, solve mysteries, crack codes, decipher enigmas, and so much more. Stay calm and crack the code within the allotted time,  that’s all we ask of you… right?


The team members stay connected through an online tool and communication will prove to be crucial.


This is the ideal way to get together, push motivation to higher levels and encourage social interaction. This is virtual, digital team building.



Are you ready to face the climate issues or would you like to raise 'climate awareness' with your colleagues/co-workers? 


The digital version of our brand new ClimateGame is the ideal way to achieve your own ‘climate goals’ during an online team event. 


This is more than just some information about climate issues. This is an extraordinary interactive mix of team learning, fun and team spirit, focusing on our climate. Infotainment + fun with your colleagues. 


The ultimate and collective goal of the ClimateGame is to reach the imposed climate objectives, together with all the other participants and thus contribute to a better climate and a better future for all. Remember: things will be done better when you do it yourself.