Ghent "The Just Judges"+


Ghent "The Just Judges"

Find the missing panel of the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb in this game full of thrilling activities!

Disturbance in the art world. There is a new lead in the case of the in 1934 stolen panel of the “Rechtvaardige Rechters” (The Just Judges), a part of the famous “Mystic Lamb” by Van Eyck, displayed in the Cathedral of Saint-Bavo in Ghent.

One of the most notorious and mysterious art robberies ever approaches his clarification. Via secret codes, intrigues, guiles and cryptic riddles the panel can be located.

You’ll have to search in teams. Ingenuity, cleverness, collaboration, common sense and a jar of analytic capability will lead to the solution.

Parts of the puzzle are sent by messages from the thief until the teams approach the completion.

The team with the best and the fastest skills will eventually find the painting. A challenging game played in the historical center of Ghent.

“The Search for The Just Judges” is a compelling program that offers everyone a pleasant and fun activity, suited as team building, incentive or just for fun, from 10 to 100 participants. A sample of faction (crossing of fiction and historical facts).